America's Heroes Enjoying Recreation Outdoors
Participants in our A HERO Fishing Event, Sept 17, 2011 in Shorter, AL


The America's Heroes Enjoying Recreation Outdoors (A HERO) Foundation's purpose is to serve America's wounded veterans by providing fellowship and mentoring opportunities through outdoor recreational activities.  A HERO will provide a supportive environment enabling veterans to continue the healing process, so they can focus on their future and reconcile the traumatic events of their past in a healthy and constructive environment.

Our goal is to serve as many wounded veterans as possible and offer them the healing opportunity that comes from time spent in the outdoors with fellow veterans.  A HERO will accomplish this goal by welcoming veterans into a community willing to donate the time, recreational equipment and both natural and financial resources necessary to support a variety of outdoor events in order to facilitate fellowship and mentoring activities.  Through these activities, A HERO will establish and support a network of veterans with previous experience in dealing with the emotional and physical wounds caused by the stress of combat and war.  This network will be self-sustaining and will support veterans all across the United States of America.

Current statistics reveal there are as many as 18 veteran suicides per day.  This translates to 6,500 a year, or more than 50,000 of our bravest citizens who have taken their own lives since 2003.  These statistics are absolutely heart breaking. To prevent more tragic deaths, we want to provide a way to reach out to as many veterans as we possibly can.  To this end, we are determined to provide a different social and recreational environment for wounded veterans--one in which they can continue their healing process and focus on their future instead of their past.

Please join us and help heal our wounded veterans. hearts and minds through camaraderie, esprit de corps and memorable experiences in the great outdoors.

Let them know that their sacrifices are appreciated, respected and never forgotten.  
They truly are America's Heroes.

     Aaron Howell with his nice 10 point taken in our January, 2011 hunt